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How To Sharpen An Axe Blade In Effective Way

How to sharpen a worn Axe blade

Axe is a tool that can damage or dull after longtime use and you cannot do a good job with this tool. For this reason, you should take some steps to correct this defect for the recurring best performance of the tool. If you continue to work with this dull axe not only ineffective but it’s also causing serious injury. When your axe or maul blade is worn or damages it may bounce or glance off the wood instead of making a clean cut. Generally, axe sharpening is a simple process that only requires some technique with few protective types of equipment that will do the job perfectly.The technique of Axe Blade Sharpening is given below:

When you take care a tool then it will provide you with lifetime service. In fact, we have obtained some tools from our fathers and grandfathers because of their carrying to this tool. However, Sharpening any tool is a great risk task that can cause serious injury if you are not precautious. So you should take some precaution before doing this task. Here we listed some protective tools and techniques with some tools for sharpening axe:

The technique of Axe Blade Sharpening


Axe sharpening is a vital issue for its smooth and effective use because many injuries have been occurring due to bouncing off a splitting log. You can do axe sharpening in your home or work field. You may be a casual user of splitting axe and sharpening not required but if you learn it then will beneficial for you with proper storage technique of your axe. Keep in mind, do not use the electrical grinder for your task because it requires more technique and control that is not possible without the professional person. Below some steps of sharpening of axe:

  1. Ensure security:

The first step of sharpening your axe is securing the axe by clamping with any subject or in your own hand so that it cannot move while you apply pressure to it. The bevels angle of the most axe is 20-30 degree and if you have no idea about the file how you can secure it then you can choose the desired angle or right angle to the blade. It is a big task for finding and then maintains a consistent bevel edge for successful results. To protect the cutting edge most axes has a slightly convex shape.


  1. Safety first:

Safety is the first issue for any work. When you are preparing for sharpening an axe do not miss to wear a pair of leather gloves with goggles. This leather gloves will protect you from any type injury as well as give comfortable filling.

  1. Right Techniques:

Axe sharpening is not a muscle work rather it’s a technical work. Before starting sharpening, you can just hold the bastard file on the centre line of the axe or maul head and cutting edge of the corner so that it can perform effectively. On every forward stroke, file and blade contact will remain in the same direction and pull the file away from the axe on each return stroke. This two stroke will help to keep the edge of blade rolling.

  1. As you go plan for cleaning

The file has so many teeth that cannot perform continuously without any maintenance. The teeth of the file may clog during sharpening of the axe as you work. Take some break of work for cleaning and shining of the file with a wire brush that will give you best performance again.

  1. Stop rolling

The rolling of the edge of axe can be prevented by using a burr onto one side and always switch the edge sides often.

  1. Polishing of edge

When you are confident about a new revive edge that is established with the help of file matching the new one, now you can use a dual-sided sharpening stone. This dual-sided sharpening stone will give the smooth finish and polish edge. Finally, you can use some honing oil that will give the better result for a long time.

The dual-sided stone has a coarse side, you will start with this side and move above the entire edge with slow motions. This moving of stone until the file marks are abolished and after that, you will repeat with the fine side. Finally turn the opposite side and repeat the same procedure.

  1. Polishing with leather piece

Now you can rub the ax edge in a thick leather to remove any small amount of metal or burr. You can apply the leather piece over ax at a 45-degree angle and repeat it several times for polishing.


  1. Final storing

To protect the new surface of the edge from any corrosion or rust, use a mixture of light machine oil and finally give some beeswax for long time best performance.


  1. Testing of performance

Now you can test your ax performance with the help of a paper piece or small wood. I recommend you to use a notebook paper which is best for this trial. At first grip the ax head between your knees or any object where the edge side up then press the paper against the edge. It will slice the paper or wood very sharply that proof its power along with your perfect work.

If you take the above steps for axe sharpening on regular basis then it will give best results in your work efficiency as well as stay safe for a long time.



Finally, I would like to say something about the axe throwing roles according to the Swedish axe throwing society such as:

  • Always maintain a distance from the throwing line to the bull’s The targeted should be 20’ or 6.1 m far away from you.
  • You should not overstep or cross the throwing line before the axe hits the target or missed it.
  • The “For-Bit” of the single bitted axe can only hit the target area efficiently if it bit sticks in the target.
  • Always fixed the target so that it will not hurt the other person or can cause serious injury to you.

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