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Review of Husqvarna Wooden Handle Forest Splitting Axe

Husqvarna starts their glorious journey science 1689 in Sweden. They have more than 300 years experience in a broad range of quality products. As a consequence of excellent engineering skill of Huskvarna, producing weapons, to a whole new set of other products which include sewing machines, hunting weapons, wood stoves, bicycles, motorcycles, gas stoves, microwave ovens to today’s cutting edge outdoor power products. Review of Husqvarna Wooden Handle Forest Splitting Axe will pursue the importance of this tool in everyday work.

Husqvarna Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe
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This Swedish company makes splitting ax of different size whatever you want. They are manufacturing 20-inch one hander is perfect for small jobs, the 30-inch large ax which is ideal for medium to large jobs, and the full-sized 32-inch maul which is perfect for handling serious wood splitting jobs.

Among of them, Husqvarna multi purpose ax has plenty of design which will do the job very efficiently when I go for camping or backpacking. Husqvarna is a powerhouse tool which not only able to split any size firewood but also I can use it to make shelters, cooking rigs and another purpose.

Review of Husqvarna wooden handle forest splitting axe is given below.

My experience with the ax

Best wood splitting maul manufacturer in the current market is, of course, Husqvarna. I have been using their product more than two years now. If you want to buy a perfect tool for multipurpose use, then you should know about its depth review from my practice experience.

When I have got it the first time in my hand, in that time I was doing some test such as “air swings” around my bedroom. This test gives me a  clear understanding about Husqvarna wood splitting ax.

Best wood splitter in market

I had some negative thought about this ax, but all drawbacks turned into positive because of its smart look and performance. I was used to with lighter splitting maul because it might be easier to swing a lighter splitting maul. To achieve the same amount of cutting power through light ax you have to swing an ax with more energy.

When you apply more energy for swing purpose, the more chance you will make a mistake and hurt yourself. On the other hand, to achieve greater splitting power with Husqvarna multi purpose ax, you no need to swing anywhere near as extra energy.

The weight of shaft is considered only for the back swing, but on the downswing, you are just using the gravitational force for its performance. If you work for a long time, without any tiredness, you can complete your job faster although in that case back swing is a significant one. Husqvarna splitting maul keeps a perfect edge sharpness after giving it a long time through work out.

The number of reason for choosing this wood splitting Ax.

The technical specification of Husqvarna wood splitting ax is best which full fill my requirements. I love it because it is a Swedish product, that is a technology innovative EU country. I also love it because its length, weight and chopping power is perfect for any operation.

The Price

Generally, we consider price during any kind of product purchase, but for quality, product price is a secondary issue. Husqvarna wood splitting maul one of them which quality is super compared with price. It cost runs around your buying capacity, and it is mid-range price product. The ax edge is not a mirror finish, but as a cutting tool, its performance for wood chopping is awesome. If you want to participate in chopping contest, you can buy it undoubtedly but not for a beauty contest.

The ax handle

The Husqvarna ax handles made by a very smooth hickory wood.The main specialty of this wood is exceptionally heavy, hard and strong with a coarse texture.It has excellent bending properties as well as good finishing capacity, which is essential for the best filling ax.

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The handle is two inches long and a bit thick as well that is required for comfortable use. The perfect length and thickness make it a bit stronger ax, coming in at 2.2 pounds. A little scraping with a chisel near the ax head also helps. The handle finishes up with a coat of beeswax or orange oil that is the great filling of touch.

The head design

The head design of Husqvarna ax is great, and head steel is Swedish steel. The ax head is hand forged with the embossing of Husqvarna symbol that increases its beauty. The ax head is big, but the head design geometry and shape is excellent. Hults Bruk (the best quality ax manufacturer) use this model for a long time as their main design.

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The head balance is very well, and a curvature is found in the head which gives benefits for its excellent performance. The sharpness of head is so great that can cut a thin paper very sharply. A little bit, I have heard some negative comments that it did not seem to be polished at all and some grind marks are visible. It is true, but it does not affect the performance. The head attached with a circular metal pin which gives it long durability.

The Leather Sheath

The leather sheath is essential for any ax blade because it protects the ax from corrosion. Moisture is a big reason for any metal which can be protected by a quality leather sheath. After a long time use, you can keep an ax within a leather sheath for your next best performance.

Leather sheath
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Let’s talk about the pros and cons.


  • It is a very well-balanced tool because of its backswing and downswing.
  • Good design and massive chopping power of head compared to the Gransfors with the 6 ½ lb head
  • Hickory wood handle with the best quality hard Sweden steelhead
  • Affordable Mid-price product when compared to the Gransfors
  • It is a Swedish forged axe that looks nice and worked great


  • Some people comments, the handle is perfect, but it has not durable enough varnish finish.
  • May be too heavy for females
  • If you are using this over multiple days, then it can cause extra pain in your hand muscle.
  • Some amounts of grinding marks are present in the edge which is not near the hair cutting sharpness of Gransfors Bruks axe.

The Final Verdict

A great splitting maul is a must for your outdoor backpack.  Overall, it is a great decision for you when you plan to buy it for your out backpacking or camping. It is even best at your home for any project to cut firewood or timber.

I highly recommend the Husqvarna multi purpose wood splitting maul. In this axe, have little imperfections, but it is a typically minor consideration that can be fixed easily.The imperfections have not any effect on its performance. It is a necessary tool for any person because it is not as finely crafted as the Helko Vario, or as heavy as the Fiskars. It is a necessary tool. However, I want to say you if you want to buy a great practical tool, then you should buy the Husqvarna multi purpose splitting axe.

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