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Review of Helko Vario Heavy Log Splitting Maul

Helko achieves a reputation all over the Europe as a manufacturer of high-quality woodworking splitting maul. They had already started exporting splitting maul from early 20th Century to Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Helko has unique manufacturing process which is entirely significant compared with other maul manufacturers. They have been manufacturing different types of tools including forestry tools science 1844. Review Of Helko Vario Heavy Log Splitting Maul give you a more compact idea about this excellent tool.

Helko Vario
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Review Of Helko Vario Heavy Log Splitting Maul

Key Specification:

  • Interchangeability of ax blades and handles
  • A built-in safety feature for heads and handle
  • German C45 high-grade carbon steel, which has 53-56 HRC
  • Made in USA Leather Sheath and Vegetable tanned.
  • Perfect balance, and is an efficient shock absorber

Axe Inspection

Interchangeable Head System

Now I am reviewing the Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter. At first, I would like to mention regarding the first fantastic feature of this ax is an interchangeable head. Generally, it would be a cumbersome technique for changing an ax head, but in this splitting maul, it just required removing two screws by two socket cap screws.

It was a vast experienced and great excitement for me when I bought it first time from the market. Helko splitting maul head is manufactured by a unique manufacturing method that is called “Drop Forging” in Germany.

Heavy Log Splitter
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The heads are made up with C45 high-carbon steel and are hardened to around 55 HRC. This hardness is up to  30 millimeters from the cutting position according to Rockwell Hardness test. It is also heat treated, and oil-hardened. This type of materials provides a good balance between hardness and durability.

The interchangeable head system is unique from any other available splitting maul because these socket cap off to get a better look for this product and also gives flexible to use.


Removing head with two socket cap screws

When I observe at the back of the head blade, then I will see small clearance in the hole for this screw adjustment. I am assuming that drilling might require to the hole and installed the screw after putting the handle in a humidor to allow it to shrink around the bolt. However, after sometimes I discover a little bit of the oil behind the head that was applied before installation for smooth work. When I ready to install it then I observe the raw forging marks on the back of the head with the two tapped holes for accepting the socket cap screws.

Helko Vario Log Splitter
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Handles Inspection:

FSC certified forest Grade-A American Hickory wood is used for handle preparation in Switzerland. American Hickory plant is growing between 60 and 120 feet high that is a hardwood which maintains remarkable twisting properties and flexibility. Helko always wants to promote their product by supporting environmentally sound, socially beneficial, and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests. The handles curved design provides extraordinary benefits for the user which is perfect balance and power transfer to object for efficient operation. Not only it is best for its performance but also looks good because it furnished with lightly lacquered black-dip grip handle.

Blade Inspection:

The blade is made in the USA with real adjustable leather strap. A lacquer coated layer present on edge, not only it gives off a brilliant sheen but also it will protect the blade from damage. Bear in mind that lacquer coating on the blade will make it harder and therefore comprise the strength potential of the edge.

Premium Leather Sheath

I did have some confusion initially taking off the leather sheath. I guess that the leather might be dried out and shrank a bit since this was put on. From my research, I found the sheath itself is quite impressive because it gives extra protection to the blade and will lengthen the lifetime of the product. These leather sheaths are made in the USA from top-grain latigo cowhide quality leather.  For moisture protection leather has been treated and infused with oils and waxes and it also gives a rich color and softness. It is real leather and thickness around 1/8”. All of the leather sheath rivets and buckles are nickel-plated that means corrosion resistance.  The Helko Werk stamped logo in the leather sheath is also a nice touch.


The above description will be fruitful when we perform a test with this ax and found satisfactory results. So at this moment, I think it is about time to do an obligatory test or confirmatory test. I had collected a couple of trees from my garden, and I spent a weekend for cutting them up.

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Vario 2000 Destroys this pile of wood

After cutting about a half cord of timber by heavy log splitter, I was totally impressed with its performance. During wood cutting, its balance was a little bit different from any other log splitters which I experienced earlier. This balance was achieved due to the center of gravity a bit further forwarded than normal with this ax. The vario 2000 handle has a slight curve to increase the gravitational force and the power of the swing.

I also observed that most of the hits just required the use of head weight for most of the work. After each use means before storing I use a coating of wax which prevents the varnish from worn off and wood pitch stuck.

Axe-Guard protective oil

Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter is the best splitting maul because it is manufactured in  German from C45 high-grade carbon steel. This type of carbon steel bending strength, overall strength, friction coefficient and Young’s modules are excellent. This kind of property is required for an ideal ax head, but like all carbon steel, it is porn to oxidation and rust if not properly stored. You can use lubricating oil to protect it from any type of corrosion.Protective oil should be applied after using the splitting maul and before storing. If anyhow corrosion or rusting does occur, use a steel wire brush to remove it, and after that apply Axe-Guard.

Lubricated oil has different types of properties. Among of them, corrosion prevention is one. It is a complete protective maintenance material against corrosion, water displacement, lubrication and flash rust removal. Helko North America is only maul manufacturer whom proudly provides a lubricant oil bottle with every ax. This ax guard protective oil manufactured in the USA especially for Helko by Slip 2000 who are a famous lubricant manufacturer for gun treatment. This Axe-guard protective oil is a 100% green, biodegradable, non-hazardous and environment-friendly.


Needless to say that, Halko Vario product quality is unique and they also gives 25-year quality guaranty on the ax head and a 1-year warranty on the handle and leather sheath.


Q. How does this tool compare to the helko 2000 heavy maul ?

A. They both perform very well, so it is hard to decide. The Vario 2000 is excellent because you can switch out the heads, but you cannot use it for hammering wedges. The Top Line Maul is best for hitting wedges with the poll end.

Q. My main concern/hesitation is the bolt attachment. How has that lock held up over the year? Any loosening observe?

A. The bolt attachment has held up great. The big maul shootout video is coming soon. It is on my to-do list.

Q. Can you use a wedge with this tool?

A. No, I do not believe the back is made to hit a wedge.

Q. Where to buy?

A. It looks like the Helko website has an Amazon link to purchase their products.

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