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Review of Fiskars Consumer Prod Splitting Maul

Fiskars claim a rich heritage of more than 300 years. The company first started as an ironworks establishment in a small Finnish village, in 1649. Since then they have incorporated innovation and technique, taking over other companies to expand their range and area of expertise. They started with ironworks, progressed to copper with time and on to steel. Today they are leading brand that provides tools for your garden, kitchen as well as the classroom. Fun fact- Fiskars have the copyright of the first plastic-handled scissors under their belt. The world renowned orange handled scissors by them too is unique by color which is copyrighted with the name Fiskars Orange. The product under the scanner is highly effective as well as convenient to use. Fiskars consumer prod splitting maul is also one of their most popular products of all time.  Here’s a detailed review of their 14- Inch Hatchet.

Fiskars X7 Hatchet
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Key Specs-

  • Size- 14”
  • Dimension- 16.6” X5.8” X 1.1”
  • Weight- 1.4 pounds
  • Handle material- Nyglass
  • Fiberglass
  • Lifetime warranty

In-depth Review

  • The best feature of Fiskars’ 14” Hatchet is its weight. It is supremely light yet sturdy. The fact that it is easy to swing works in the favor of a more speedy swing. The added velocity makes cutting light branches and kindling fuss-free. One clean swipe and you get the job done faster and more efficiently.
  • It has the right balance and power to make short work of light usage, in camping or even at home. It is ideal for kindling and short to medium range logs. The power to weight ratio helps it act just like an aluminum baseball bat which is increased the impact with every swing.
  • The handle is virtually unbreakable. It is made of Nyglass and has proven to be the sturdiest of its kind. Not only is it lighter than the traditional wood handle but can also go through heavy abuse without deteriorating.
  • The edge and the blade too are sharp and effective. It comes ready to use right out of the packaging and can also be sharpened quite easily if need be. The hatchet doesn’t lose its sharpness even after repeated use and has proven to be durable.
  • The head is very sturdy. It does not rattle even after multiple uses. The reason behind the hardiness is the special insert mold design which makes sure that it never dislodges from its place. Not only does it make the hatchet very convenient to use but safer as well.
  • The blade is made of forged carbon steel. Not only is it stainless, but is also impeccable in its performance and durability. It is sharp and sturdy and goes on and on. And boy can it chop!
  • One more advantage of it being lightweight is that it can be wielded single-handedly without much duress on your arm. You can also shift hands in case you get tired. You can get a pair and show your ninja skills too quite easily if you would like.
  • Apart from being unbreakable, the handle is special in more ways than one. It is specially designed to give a great grip and hold. Thus, you can work tirelessly with it with no chances of slips or fall. The design is pleasing to the eyes as well as very pragmatic.
  • The colors too are a catch and very attractive.
  • It comes with a plastic sheath to be used while in storage. Though the sheath is not a clip-on, it works well and safeguards the blade against external damage.
  • This hatchet is a powerhouse in a small frame. It is compact and precise and is highly efficient. This makes it wonderful for use in camping, hiking or backyard wood chopping. If you have a house fire and use kindling, then this tool is a must have for all. It obviously is not meant for chopping heavy wood, it is not an axe. For everything else, it delivers all that it promises.


  • Low weight
  • Handle design
  • Uses fewer strikes
  • Value for money


  • The handle is non-replaceable
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Fiskars is a known brand and their products are highly trusted among veterans. Not only are their products innovative in their designing, but are also superior in terms of quality. This hatchet works pretty damn well for nearly all your small needs around the camping site or your backyard. Its light weight makes it highly effective because the added velocity makes sharper and cleaner cuts and you need fewer swings. All in all, an excellent product and highly recommended.

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