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How to Care Your Axe in Right Way For Best Performance

The importance of taking care of Axe in right way is very significant for its performance. It is a very simple task if you understand in the proper way. It doesn’t take a lot of time but it will improve the efficiency as well as the lifetime of the tool significantly. Be careful when you preserve a splitting axe because after using if you just clean it and leave in the dirty place it will be broken in next use. You can take care of your axe in a different way with the different type of materials. The selection of oil is a very crucial part in axe take care process. Here we share some idea about how to care your axe in right way.

How to care Your Axe

Handle Polishing:

For handle polishing you can use a German oil that is called ballast, this is a natural oil that can be used in any kind of steel. This all purpose oil you can use to grease up wood or even metal surface that will protect the metal from any type of corrosion. You can also use some natural oil like linseed oil or Beeswax for better protection.

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Leather Sheath Care

The second most important part of an axe is a leather sheath that will give the extra protection of your axe. A UV protectant clear leather care oil that is manufactured in USA , it’s not colored in any way. You can use this product for your leather sheath as well as for your knife if you want. If your leather sheath does not grease then it will dry out and form crack that ultimately destroys your axe head quality.

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Head Sharpening:

The major part of an axe is the head and always use properly fitted axe head. The loose head can cause serious injury. If you sharpen it properly then it will give you best performance. The most important things about an axe head are its performance if you use your axe in right way in most of the cases no need to sharpen it regularly. You can use a Japanese stone for sharpening of your axe in a circular motion.

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Technique and Precaution of using Axe

In every work, some risk may present inherently but you can reduce it by applying proper technique and tools. When you use splitting axe, maul or hatchet for chopping wood you should use a stable surface so that you can avoid any type of injury. The ground is a high-risk area for splitting wood so avoid it.

The axe swing technique is a very important factor for best performance but in any way, if you missed the proper swing it may cause serious injury to your body parts. The missed swing activity also can cause handle damage so be careful during axe using. If your axe blade is stuck in ground rock then it comes back towards the object and two things may occur whether it may break down or separate into two parts.

safety precaution for splitting maul

Always use protective equipment and clothing for splitting wood. You can use a separator for safety purpose between wood and object in the acceptable distance. The last precaution but not least, if you are tired or medicated or intoxicated should not use an axe, maul or hatchet for splitting any type of wood.


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