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How to Split Hardwood Firewood at the best way

Water is an essential component of every living organism. Without water living organism cannot survive in this world. However, as a consequence of water present in the trees, it may difficult to prepare wood for firing purpose. Initially, the tree contains a lot of water that retards the sustaining of fire for a long time. Dry wood is best for firing because it retains such amount of water that has no impact on firing. On the other hand, if you burn the wet wood it will produce a huge amount of smoke instead of produce fire and heat. The wood drying process is time-consuming, so you should take a plan with sufficient time at least 6 months for drying wood properly. For drying purpose always choose a place that will supply the maximum amount of sunshine and air flow all over the drying period.

How split firewood

 The best split firewood is produced by using proper technique and tools. It is not a rocket science for anyone because if you learn about the measurement and storage technique then it will produce desired product. Safety or protective equipment always worn for avoiding any type of injury. Some safety equipment like- safety goggles, long pants, and sturdy boots. Here some techniques are described for best results-

Chopping block setup

 Chopping block setup is a very important part of splitting firewood. If you setup it properly in the right position with the stable condition then you can think that your 50 percent work is completed. Chopping block may be made from either a large piece of wood or a similar short or wide chunk of wood. The chopping block is very important during firewood cutting because it absorbs a huge amount of maul stroke. Even it protects you from any type of miss swinging that may injure your body parts.

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Physical examination of wood

 Before starting work a physical examination of splitting wood gives you an overall idea about it, as a result, you can make a plan for effective work. At first, you should find hairline cracks or weak spots in the log because these points are inherently prone to split. When you strike to these points a wood must split faster and easiest way without any hard muscle work. The cracks that are present in the center you should always strike to this point. When you do not find any cracks in that area of wood pieces then your aim must to the middle position for best results.

how to split wood


Different types of trees are present in our nature, so when you want to split it should plan according to their nature of construction. You can split some wood centrally but others require the edges area like Oak and Maple respectively.

What will you do when finding a knot? I think you might avoid it because it will kill your time when you use a maul for splitting wood. In that case, you can use a wedge and hammer for splitting it with proper technique.

The aim of ax swing

 Splitting wood is not a muscle work with best splitting maul rather it totally depends on the proper placement of maul and the swing technique of tools. After choosing the location of your strike, footwork is very crucial part in this stage for splitting wood. When your visual checking with some cue is completed then you can go for splitting it.

wood split technique

Technique of axe swing

 Some techniques of ax swing are essential for starting splitting wood in right way with proper safety. At first, stand up in such a way so that your legs are situated parallel to each other. To the point performance now check the distance from the target, it will depend on the height and type of maul. If you want to achieve maximum swing speed now just position the stronger hand down and upper hand half way up that guides the ax head. When your both hands position fixed according to guide then the swing will starts at 10:00 O’clock position of hands. Now push the ax from your upper hand for speed and pull down from your lower hand to accelerate the ax speed. Finally, when your both hands hit together to the target you will achieve the perfect swing before the point of impact.

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Use of wedges

 You may fail to split the wood from your first attempt so you pull the ax bit out of the log. This situation may arise for two reasons one for difficult knot present or is too thick of wood. In this case, you must use splitting wedges and a sledgehammer that will insert the wedge into deep of crack wood. If single wedge does not perform the job then you can use another wedge on the opposite side of the log and ultimately it will facilitate the split firewood to your desired size. This is a very effective technique for splitting knot present log instead of pulling up maul several times.

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When do you stop?

 Splitting wood require energy as well as technique so that you can perform the job smoothly. When you feel tired or guess a danger for any injury just stop the work for next day. Always try to strike your maul in the same place as the first time because it will product split firewood as well as save your energy. Repeat your swing of the ax in fixed place until the desired results.

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 Size of firewood and storage condition

 When you produce a product or service it will be user-friendly for best results. Splitting wood size is a big factor for best results because size will define the exposure of sunshine and air flow for bound water removal. The standard firewood size is about 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm).

best split wood storage technique

Before use, store the firewood in a suitable environment so that air can circulate and the sun can remove the undesired moisture. To protect from rain you should use the cover that prevents exposure of water repeatedly with firewood. Good air circulation must ensure when you cover the firewood with plastic cover.


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