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Review of Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul for Best Performance

The company derives its name from the village of Gransfor in Sweden where their forge is located. They are quite a unique company that believes that the art of ax making is a very special one, and hence, should be treated so. They are an expert manufacturer of all kinds of axes and can make a variety of them depending upon where they are meant to be used. All their axes are uniquely hand crafted. The Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul is an individually handcrafted like all their products. It is an easy-to-use splitting maul that serves a variety of splitting purposes. If you’re planning to buy one, here’s Gransfors-bruks-splitting-maul review you need to know before finalizing the decision-

Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul
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Gransfors-bruks-splitting-maul review

Key Specs-

  •  Separately handcrafted
  •  31” hickory handle
  •  Leather Sheath
  •  Dimensions- 3” X 11” X 32”
  •  20-year guarantee

In Depth Review

  • The axes from Gransfors Bruks are unique in quite a number of ways. First of all, they have a unique design and model for all kinds of splitting needs. The effectiveness of the ax can be enhanced as it is designed specifically according to the purpose of use.
  • Each ax carries the initials of the smith that forged it. This is quite a singular trait and guarantees quality. This is because when it comes to the forging of an ax, a lot matters upon the skills and the individual experience of the craftsman that makes it. They are a lot sturdier and feel different in your hand as opposed to mass produced axes forging of an ax, a lot matters upon the skills and the individual experience of the craftsman that makes it. They are a lot sturdier and feel different in your hand as opposed to mass produced axes.
  • The head is hefty and large. It is forged in a concave shape with the edges being thinner than the central section. This is because it is meant to split wood. As I mentioned earlier, different axes are designed differently depending on their intended purpose. The shape of the blade allows it to penetrate the wood easily, thanks to the thin edge. And the broader midsection splits the wood, quickly and efficiently by pushing apart the wood in the opposite directions.
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  • The axes come with a steel collar which is situated just below the ax head. This is to protect the head from becoming loose. Otherwise, since the head is under a lot of strain due to the impact, it might get affected and dislodged after repetitive usage.
  • This splitting maul is perhaps the heaviest of all Gransfors products due to the fact that it is meant for splitting heavy logs. The weight adds to the momentum and is needed for performing heavy duty splitting.
  • The special collar protects the handle from the impact of repeated usage. Without the collar, the impact sometimes spreads beyond the blade, along with the worn out portions of the handle. The presence of the collar thus protects the handle from getting damaged.
  • The edges of most other splitting axes and mauls available in the market get blunt very easily. Not this product though. The quality of the steel used is superior and it does not get worn out even after repeated usage. Additionally, the edge can be sharpened and it increases the effectiveness of the equipment ten folds.
  • The grain quality of the handle is superior. It makes for a better grip and a solid feel. There is also a finger grove in the handle that prevents slippage.
  • Thanks to the expertise of the expert craftsmen, the mauls give out a very well balanced swing and the motion is precise.
  • The quality of the blade and overall artisanship are quite unmatched. It is on the costlier side due to being handcrafted individually. However, it is definitely worth the price as the quality and feel of the ax speak for themselves.


  • The blade edge doesn’t falter
  • Solid feel
  • Unmatched quality
  • Every piece is given minute attention of the smith


  • Can get stuck in the wood
  • A bit heavy on the pocket


In case the price is making you unsure about buying this product, here is the breakdown. If you want a sturdy product that can withstand hard labor and yet continue to perform for a long time, this one is a deal worth grabbing. However, if you don’t need to split logs on a regular basis and can make do with a lighter product, then you may give it a skip. This is meant for heavy duty use IMHO.

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