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Review of Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

Fiskars is today one of the largest manufacturers of various gardening, kitchen as well as stationery tools. They are famous for their patented orange handled scissors, among other innovative tools that they have been credited for.  The company has always been known for innovation and change and that’s what keeps them one step ahead of their competitors. This might also be the reason why they have succeeded in surviving in the market for such a long time because they adapted to the demands and the resources.Here we try to solidify the reason of Fiskars X27 super splitting axe reputation in the world.

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

1. Inseparable Permahead design 2. Hang and Carry sheath 3. Optimum Blade Geometry with low friction surface 4. Unbreakable Fiber Comp Handle 5. Non-slip Grip for best swing 6. Vibration absorption Chamber

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Fiskars X27 Super Splitting axe, just like their other products, is a testament to their vision of design and innovation.  During my 5 months trial with this product, I found it way easier to swing than regular axes. You don’t have to possess the mammoth strength to chop woods like a seasoned lumberjack. And that’s where the USP of the product lies.

Fiskars X27 super splitting axe Review

Key Specs-

  • Part of the X-series by Fiskars
  • One strike split specialist
  • Convex blade geometry
  • FiberComp Handle
  • PermaHead Design

In-depth Review

  • The X-series by Fiskar has been awarded the International Red Dot; “Best of the Best” award for product design. The overall designing of the axes in this series is nothing short of a scientific and engineering marvel. There are quite a no. of factors which work together to make this ax a far better successor to its traditional ancestors.
  • The specially crafted design of the ax is such that it channelizes the major chunk of the weight towards the ax head, thereby, keeping the handle light. This distribution of weight increases the swing speed many times over and this result in an increased power. All of this translates into a much stronger blow on impact.
  • The blade design too is full of innovation and one of its kinds. The blade is made by a propriety grinding technique. It helps in getting much sharper edges which make for cleaner cuts. The material used for making these blades is forged steel, and they are extra hardened during the production. They stay sharper for a longer duration of time as compared to the iron blades of traditional mauls or axes.
  • In addition, there is a special coating on the blade to make it low friction. This prevents the head from getting lodged in the wood. So overall, not only does the blade deliver more power, but it also makes it easier to remove it from the wood, hence saving both time and energy.
  • The convex geometry of the blade disperses the wood away from the blade on impact. This leads to a neater and swift split. It increases the effectiveness of the work greatly as there are more one-strike splits.
    Super Splitting Axe
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  • The handle is nothing short of an engineering wonder. It is made of FiberComp, a material that makes it pretty much indestructible. Additionally, FiberComp is extremely light weight, so the handle does not feel very heavy and you can work with the ax for a longer duration of time without feeling tired. Not only is the material sturdier than steel, but it also absorbs shock, further affecting the impact positively. You can work with this ax for long hours without getting spent.
  • The over-molded special PermaHead design of the head makes sure that it is inseparable from the handle. Not only is it highly convenient, but it is also necessary so as to avoid gory accidents.
  • The overall effectiveness of the ax is due to the fact that it is lightweight. You can easily direct the trajectory of the ax movement which helps you in aiming better. That’s how it increases precision in your work.
  • The longer handle makes way for more leverage, and when a tall person wields it, it maximizes power and impact. Not only the speed increases the momentum automatically, but it is also more feasible for taller people as it gives them a better grip and more swing, without the added strain of bending over or hunching.


  • Lightweight
  • Design
  • Blade construction
  • Needs lesser Momentum


  • The handle length is not for everyone
  • Extremely low temperatures can make it brittle


The X-series axes are available in a variety of handle sizes to meet all demands. The technology and innovation that goes behind these are truly praiseworthy and they have proven how the act of chopping wood, which was thought of as one requiring brute force, can now be lightened by using ‘smart’ force.

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