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Best Survival Knives Review

Outdoor activity or outdoor recreation is a way of gaining entertainment through natural or semi-natural places that are out of living home. For any type of recreation or picnic survival tools is must be required so you should carry out the best survival knives with you for security purpose. Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls is a British adventurer, who perform live TV program for adventure. From this program, you can gain a huge amount of knowledge about the outdoor activity as well as the technique for survival in any critical place. Bear Grylls carry different types of tools for his adventure but if you carefully look that he must carry a knife. This is a common tool for his adventures because he can perform different types of activity through a single tool. Which is not possible with any other tool.

However, now imagine, anyhow you are present in a deep forest and face a dangerous situation. Now what you want?Do you want to alive? A special tool is required? That will solve or rescue from this situation? Right, the best knife can be a problem-solving tool for you in that critical moment. Here I review best survival knives for your choice in every critical situation as the best buddy.

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

Ethan backer is a famous outdoorsman. Material arts and hunting is a passion of Backer. Becker has more than 5o year’s old knife and survival Tool Corporation that always produce the best product along with quality. Recent year’s backer produces five best selling product in the current market among of them Ka-Bar Backer BK2 fixed blade is one. Some key features are described below for your right consideration.

Survival knife
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Special Features:

  • Blade type: Its blade type is fixed
  • Shape: Blade shape is drop point
  • Overall length: Total length of knife is 10.5”
  • Blade length: Only blade length is 5.25”
  • Blade thickness: Blade thickness is 0.250 mm
  • Edge angles: 20 degrees
  • Blade material/Steel: Blade Construction material is 1095 Cro-Van
  • Rockwell Hardness: 56-58 HRC
  • Handle material: Ultramid polyamides that have special property.
  • Sheath material: Nylon that might be used in paracord
  • Weight: 16 oz or 1.0 lb
  • Made in: Knife Made in USA and sheath Made in Taiwan

Drop point shape For Special Use:

I think from visual inspection you will love it and select this knife for your outdoor recreation. It is totally different from any traditional knife because it has drop point shape. This shape is very important to perform various butchering activity like skinning, cutting and curving.

Blade Material With Coating For Best Performance:

Blade material is 1095 Cro-Van (adds both Chromium and Vanadium to Carbon and Manganese) non-stainless steel. Where chromium gives the non-staining property and vanadium provides the extra hardness to the blade. Blade material Rockwell hardness is 56-58 HRC which is perfect steel grade value for the knife.

This value is different for axe and brass steel. As non-stainless steel, it is covered with a very durable non-reflective black coating that will protect the blade from any type of corrosion. It is easy to sharpen in the field due to its 40-degree angle of the blade and 20-degree angle of the edge.

survival blade
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Polymer Type Handle Material For Safety:

The handle material is consists of ultra mid polyamides, it is a molding material of two copolymers. This material is widely used in the engineering mechanical parts applications. Because it has high-quality electrical insulating properties as well as good impact resistance even at low temperatures, advantageous sliding friction properties.

Choil For Emergency:

At the end of the handle, a choil is present which has huge contribution during firing. When you make a  strike between choil and fire steel, firing will start within a second. Three hex nuts are used for grafting blade and handle in a suitable position for long durability.

However, finally I would like to say you, more than one thousand five hundred customer reviews are present for this product on Amazon store. If you want to read these great reviews please click on this link.

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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife as a best survival knives

Gerber is the most prominent knife manufacturer in the USA, they also an owner of Fiskars brand shop which is a very renowned manufacturer for splitting axe. They have more than 70 years experience for discovering unique design knife for the user with the best quality.

Gerber Bear Grylls ultimate knife is one of them that will give you best experience in any outdoor adventure and survival situation. Its meticulous design and material of construction provide you different types of use in the extreme situation as a life-saving tool. Some unique features are present in this tool which is not found in any other knife in the current market.

bear gryllsknives
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Special Features:

  • Blade type: Fixed blade
  • Shape: drop point blade shape
  • Overall length: 10 inches
  • Blade length: 75 inches
  • Edge angles: 20 degrees
  • Blade material/Steel: 1/2 Serrated high carbon stainless steel
  • Handle material: Ergonomic textured rubber grip
  • Sheath material: Military Grade-Nylon sheath or Paracord
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Made in: USA

Benefits of the construction Material:

High Carbon Stainless Steel With Drop Point Blade For Best Performance. 

Gerber Bear Grylls ultimate knife contains high carbon stainless steel that is hard as well as easy to sharpen. It holds a sharpened edge for a long time compared with traditional one and virtually maintenance free. Its half-inch serrated or dentate blade is a special one for you because it can cut everything more precisely in point of contact. In any tough situation, it will give you desired performance within the short time as the best survival knives.

Moreover, it is easy to sharpen with diamond compared to whetstone that will serve long lasting edge for best performance. Blade mainly two types-drop points and clip point. Drop point blade is thicker in the tip that is the best choice for the gamer and outdoor recreational.  For versatile use drop point is best compared with the clip point. It is safer compared with the clip point because of a drop point tip plunging under the spine line that will prevent the unintended cut.

Rubber Handle Material For Comfortable Use:

The handle material is a very important factor for choosing a knife for outdoor activity. Gerber Bear Grylls ultimate knife handle grip is a rubber material. Different types of materials are used for handle grips like Aluminium, Celluloid, Bone, Wood, Fiberglass, Micarta, Titanium, Stainless steel and Rubber. Among of them rubber grip best for a knife because it can absorb vibration during use and also increase the longevity of the product. The rubber grip is also maximizing comfort in use. The rubber grip is slip proof so you can use it in an uncomfortable situation.

Military-Grade Nylon Sheath For Emergency:

The military grade nylon sheath is attached with this tool for an emergency situation that cannot be faced with any other things. Military grade sheath is also known as paracord that is used in the suspension line of parachutes because of its huge strength. Due to its lightweight in the knife pommel, you can find it for your crucial situation.

knife for survival
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Stainless Steel Pommel For Difficult Situation Overcome:

Stainless steel pommel is a base of this knife. It has verities of use in the survival situation such as you can use it for hammering to any object. The pommel has great importance when firewood is required for your cooking or warming you. In this situation, you can split large wood log with the help of pommel without any splitting maul.

However, additionally, you find some innovative accessory with this tool for your survival in the critical situation such as- a fire starter, a diamond blade sharpener. Firestarter is required for transferring your message to other for your presence in a deep forest. It is also required for your delicious Bar-B-Q food preparation. A hot spark will produce if you make a friction between the rough surface of the striker notch that is present in the back of the knife blade.

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MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Series Fixed Blade Survival Knife:

MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Series Fixed Blade Tactical Knife is a unique product of Master cutlery and also a best survival knives in the current market. They are a pioneer of thousands of outstanding quality knife product on the current market over the last 30 years. The design category and quality is unique in the USA for knife manufacturing.

Master Cutlery has more than 4200 active product from which 1000 plus products are unique and exclusive. They have also manufactured more than 50 quality product on monthly basis. The most potential brand category of Master cutlery is Military, Tactical, Combat and Self Defense.

US Xtreme Series
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Special Features:

  • Blade type: Fixed blade
  • Overall length: 11-inch
  • Blade length: 5-1/2-inch blade
  • Blaade thickness: 5.5mm thickness
  • Blade material/Steel: 440 stainless steel gold titanium-coated tanto blade
  • Handle material: G10 handle offers a superior grip
  • Sheath material: Black nylon sheath
  • Color: Black and Gold color available
  • Made in: USA


Benefits of the construction Material:

Stainless steel tanto blade

Stainless steel blade means it contains minimum 10.5% chromium that will prevent the corrosion. The stainless steel tanto blade is a unique one in the knife industry because of its shape just like Japanese swords. The tip of this blade is nearly straight or barracuda tip. If you want to know more about the blade geometry then can see here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blade#Geometry.

Tanto blade has some advantage like-

  1. Due to its triangular tip design, you can use it as a shovel when required. The reinforcement power is huge compared to other shapes of the blade tip.
  2. Japanese swords design that will deliver a more penetration power with less force applied.
  3. It is easy to sharpen due to its two flat edges design even if you have no sharpening tool in the field.

Titanium coated blade is best for Training:

It is the best knife for survival training because of its design, easy to use and extra durability. The 5-1/2-inch 440 stainless steel tanto blade provide sufficient hardness for best performance along with perfect edge retention.

G10 grade handle for wettest conditions:

At this point, we discuss the benefit of G10 handle material. G10 material is constructed of glass woven fabric in conjunction with an epoxy resin binder in high pressure. It has some unique properties that are not present in other material like- less water absorption, zero electrical conductivity and high mechanical stability.

At the same time, this material mostly used in the Printed Circuit Boards because of its non-shrinkability. Furthermore, it can withstand 180-degree temperature and has dielectric properties. G10 is also known as Micarta and Garolite that is used as washer, spacers, mechanical insulation and also for electromechanical assemblies.

Nylon sheath for safe carry:

Titanium coated blade is long lasting for its sharpness and maintenance free. The handle with finger guard grip is comfortable. Moreover, a hole is present in the back side of the knife that is designed for attaching a paracord for an emergency situation. If you want to notch wood then you can use saw like knife back for this purpose.

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Leatherman – Surge Multitool, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath (FFP)

In our daily life, we use different types of tool for severing purpose. A single tool for each individual case may increase the bulk volume of the tool but a multi-tool save your space as well as gives you the muti effect within very short time. When you are planning to go outside of the home in that time ensure you have a multitool for your any emergency situation.

Surge multitool
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Among of the multi-tool manufacturer, Leatherman is the best one. This is a USA based multitool manufacturer as well as knives also. They have the longtime history of quality product delivering to the worldwide. In the previous year, they have a multitool called the PST (Pocket Survival Tool) that achieve the best brand in the world. However, in the recent year, Leatherman currently sold the $100 million annually. Thay had also sold more than 20 million tools annually worldwide.

Multitools have different types of size and shape but in the recent years, a lot of changes are incorporated in their design. Although the design is changed their basic structure or functionality will remain same.Two categories of multitools are usually clumped like- Swiss army based style and Plier based. As a consequence, the plier based design is most popular among of the people in the world.

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