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How To Choose Best Splitting Maul For You

Best splitting maul choice technique


Every day we use different types of tools for various purpose among of them splitting maul is one. It is an essential tool for any homeowner whose should own for cutting firewood. However, not only ax/maul is used to split wood, but also it will help us in varieties of the way to easier our job. I will try to help you to choose right one wood splitting ax or maul that make your job successful and enjoyable.Best splitting maul choice technique is outlined below:

Choosing the Right Axe or Maul for the Right Job

If you are want to produce a campfire then you must need some chopping, kindling or splitting firewood, in that case, you need a handsome ax or maul. Before buying any ax or maul raise some question to yourself so that you can choose best one:

  1. Chopping or Splitting Wood?

If you want to chop or split firewood within a short time in a safe manner, then the Fiskars X-Series axes are available for you in a variety of sizes. Fiskars X-series splitting ax performance is so great because it blades can penetrate in deeper position on each swing than any other ax and disperse wood more efficiently. Fiskars Forged steel is durable and stays sharp from any other ax. It has a lightweight dura-frame handle that can withstand the extra shock during operation.

  1. What Size is Wood?

If you want to split medium size wood that has diameter 6-7 inches then kindling cracker is best for you.It is easy to carry because of its convenient size, and it can be a partner with you on camping or backpacking trips.You can use it in any place without any risk even you can split wood in your indoor place more safely. You can fix it with its bottom line screw bolt with a subject that will provide the best performance.

The small, but the mighty ax is only 17 inches, but the tool offers power and speed for one-strike splits of small and even medium logs. The ax’s convenient size makes it easy to carry along on camping or backpacking trips.

  1. What’s the Quality?

For any purchase safety and quality is first because it gains customer satisfaction as well as faith to products. If you are more concern with the best quality and security then you can choose Helko Vario Heavy log splitter, it is a German tool that has an extended warranty. It has also the USA made a protective leather sheath that protects the blade from any harm when not in use. However, if you want lifetime warranty product, in that case, I recommend Fiskars X-series.

What is A Splitting Axe?

A splitting ax is a tool that has a lightweight handle with a sharp blade.It is a great tool for your outdoor work as a hand tool. The splitting ax has different size and shape but ultimately do the same job.

The craftsman and other professional use various types of ax heads.If you want to generate firewood from a large wood log but use a little ax, then it will be a very hard task for you. To manage your workload in a relaxed way you should choose the best one and know about three types of ax such as- chopping axes, splitting axes and mauls.

  • Chopping ax is a lighter ax head with a fine edge.It is designed for mainly slice the wood fibers horizontally or against the grain.
  • On the other hand, splitting ax and splitting maul are totally opposite to the chopping axes.They have a heavy head, a duller blade and are design to cut the wood vertically that are large.

If you are using the wrong ax for your job, then it can cause break your tools as well as may arise more difficulty with a serious injury. If you use an ax for splitting wood, it will require more swing force with some technique that will give the best results. When your ax blade dulls very quickly, it will lose your time with big difficulty.

What is a Splitting Maul?

A splitting maul is a tool that can facilitate the cutting of firewood for a wielder. Splitting maul has a long handle with a sharp ax head, and generally, the head weight is around 6-8 lbs. Based on the pure, applied force it can split the wood spontaneously with the help of a longer handle and duller blade edge. However, the only disadvantage of maul over ax is the weight of maul because it requires more energy to swing the maul blade. On the other hand, a splitting maul can reduce your workload and reduce your time for splitting wood. The splitting maul can perform more efficiently and within a short period for any large wood size.

What is Best for you: Maul or Axe?

Maul and Axe both tools are useful for you, but actually, it totally depends on your type of logs processing and how much wood you plan to split. If you want to process large block of timber,  a splitting maul might be perfect for you. It has a large handle with sledge-hammer (maul) and wedge type blade that can split the wood safely and efficiently.

On the contrary, if you want to process small to medium size block of wood, I highly recommend to you a splitting ax like Fiskars X-series. It is also named as block splitter, sledge ax or blockbuster.

The benefits of using splitting maul over ax

The advantages of splitting maul over ax are that a splitting maul can perform the job in an efficient way with less muscle force applied.Different types of specialized splitting maul are designed for varieties of work such as chopping and cutting of various tasks.

The shape and design of both tools more or less same but they provide different types of activity for splitting wood according to their wedge-like blade geometry.

By using splitting maul, you can split the large logs within a short time that cannot be possible with a small ax.However, splitting maul is heavier than ax so it should be used correctly with extra caution otherwise it will cause injury. As its weight is high compared with an ax so can feel tiredness during its longtime use.

As a user of both tools, personally, I highly recommend to you splitting maul that will easy your job in right way.Not only you can use a splitting maul for cutting wood, but also it can be used for versatile purpose when needed.

Who are the Major Axe and Maul Brands for Splitting Wood?

There are so many brands are available in the market for splitting maul, but you should know about the best brand to pick the right one. Here I suggest you some excellent brand that has best quality and performance. If you want to get a terrible splitting ax, then it will be a good idea to look at the major brands.

For best quality ax, Husqvarna is a solid set of the ax that design with the robust power and great material that everyone expects for his outdoor equipment. They have a reputation for best performance in every outdoor work tool because their tools are tested comply with the international standard.

Fiskars, a surprising tool for you because its balance during operation is great and swing speed much like an aluminum baseball bat. A unique feature is beveled convex blade geometry that adds more power and easier to remove from wood. It is an affordable tool for everyone to complete the toughest job.

Personally, I recommend the above two tools for your outdoor work, but you can choose another brandable tool as well. The other tools that you can choose from Estwing, the American company; the Swedish company Wetterling and the dedicated craftsman of Gränsfors Bruk. These are the affordable and high-quality splitting ax or maul that will fulfill your needs.

What Should You consider for choosing the Best Wood Splitting Axe or Maul?

Any outdoor work is good for your health and also for extra time management in an efficient way. The hand tool is best to perform any outdoor work like gardening, and agricultural activity. The best splitting ax can do a lot of work with your personal guide; however, when buying an ax, you should consider some points that you best fit.

A) First of all, you need to fix the job that you want to do with the splitting ax or maul. If you are set it that you will chop colossal pieces or minuscule pieces wood, then you can choose a splitting maul or a hatchet respectively. A splitting maul is a tool that will cover most of the work area in a comfortable way.

B) The next consideration is weight and length, and these two criteria are very crucial for selecting a maul or ax. Although the splitting ax or maul head weight is high, it is beneficial for its swing speed and sharp cutting of large wood.Handle Length is another important consideration because a long shaft will give you some advantages compared with a small one. In considering power and mechanical benefit, a larger length handle is best. On the other hand, if you choose a small handle then it will be a tough job for you to split ax. Now if you are confusing about the best one, take some practical swing experience in open air space with both tools.

C) Splitting ax or maul design is a major factor for choosing it. Wood handle and composite handle design ax or maul are present. Both of these have advantages and disadvantages. You can replace the wood handle but it prone to brittle during an overstrike. The composite handle is robust and durable if you Overstrike during a swing, but it cannot be replaced in any way if it breaks. Some manufacturer was claiming that a composite handle is designing in such a way that is even stronger than steel.

D) Cost is a vital factor for buying anything but if you are want to the owner the best quality product then cost is a secondary consideration. If it is your consideration, then you can pick one that is medium in price but be conscious about the quality along with the price point.

In my review article try to choose the best quality product with an average price that I found in the market and also affordable for you.

Final word, now you can make the final decision for your best splitting maul or ax that is the best fit for your situation. I prefer composite handle ax because it is perfect for the strong handle as well as for super swing capacity.

Best Caring Procedure of Splitting Maul or Splitting Axe

  • If you care anything, it will give you best breakthrough. Splitting ax requires more attention like pocketknife to obtain the best benefit from it. Wet weather is harmful to any steel or iron items which can cause corrosion and rust on the surface. When you leave your ax out-of-doors, then it will expose to wet weather and ultimately lose its potentiality. When water is converted to ice, then it is a possible element because frozen ice can cause expand of handle and break of the ax head.
  • When you sharpen any blade type material it will give the best performance but in the case of splitting maul, its not needed. Sharpening of splitting maul may require occasionally but not usual. For proper sharpening, you can collect a whetstone that will facilitate the proper bevel edge. Splitting maul does not need to sharpen the edge as a cutting ax.
  • After each use, you should clean up the metal head of splitting maul and ensure that it is dry. In any time, when you notice about the rust or corrosion present on the maul surface immediately take action to prevent it. In this case, you can run a sand paper over it lightly and then give some 3-in-1 oil to protect the metal surface. Be cautious when using this maintenance procedure, you would not use this in high amount.
  • The last tips but not least for your splitting ax, for fiberglass handles, would not require extra care because it is not prone to a wood handle. It can be a good idea for fiberglass to check it after a definite time and wipe with a 3-in-1 oil. In the case of the wooden handle, if you feel that it is rough surface then you can use sandpaper for lighter rub and apply some oil to use it.

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