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Best Post Hole Digger Review – The Buyer’s Guide

If you want to be the best gardener with wonderful well-arranged garden, absolutely need the best post hole digger to make your journey successful. The quality of best post hole digger involves many factors and features. However, choosing the best post hole digger can be an enormous task because different types are available in the current market.

The best post hole digger is a great tool for your gardening, and it can handle your workload easily for a beautiful garden. It will help you dig deeper, accurate and more precision compare with a shovel.

What is post hole diggers:

The post hole diggers are an essential tool that can create any size of holes in the soil ground to place something like posts for fences or signs. In current market different types of post hole diggers are available but each design for digging a hole more or less the same.

Among of them, some post hole digger penetrates the ground through punching until the blades are covered by the ground soil, after that the digger is pulled up and apart to close the digger. Then hold and pull out the soil that has loosened for digging. This process is continual until the sufficient amount of loosening soil removed, and the hole is complete and significant enough for correctly your post to fit in.

Another, innovative modern technology and slightly easier type of post hole digger is called an auger. These can create more depth hole depending upon the shaft forming structure. With this post hole digger, you can post your plant or signs in proper holes that require less time, and effort compares to manually making the hole.

Post Hole Diggers Classification

Depending on the mechanism of action and source of power, post hole diggers are two types- such as Traditional and Gas powered.

Traditional Post Hole Digger

The traditional post hole digger design is so simple, and it is an original design from its innovation.It is a mainly manual type and consist of two round shaped rust protected steel blades facing each other. The two blades are connected at the pivot point and fixed firmly to the handles by bolts to keep them in place.

Seymour Structron Hercules Post Hole Digger
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The mechanism of this post hole digger is simple prick the ground while the handles are held together then pull the handles to collect and lift any loose soil.Its performance entirely depends on the muscle power as well as the technique of work.

With this traditional digger, you simply pierce the ground while the handles get together, and pull the handles apart to collect and elevate any loose soil.

The best manual post hole digger is one that has a handle which is designed to protect the operator’s knuckles during digging holes. The traditional post hole digger is best for physical work as well as a lot cheaper than the gas type. It is the best tool for light work in your garden.The manual post hole digger can dig holes up to 4 feet deep. It also works well when you only want to loose soil.

Gas Powered Post Hole Digger

Gas powered post hole digger is an automated equipment that can do the job more easily compared with the manual digger. Its performance entirely depends on the engine power as well as the handling technique. This machine uses gasoline as a power source to rotate a shaft that is attached to the blades. In this tool, the blades are starting to rotate with the help of gas power engine on the ground for creating the desired hole. Gas powered post hole diggers build with small, medium and large engines. Engine power mainly from 2-5 horsepower.Among of them you just pick one which is best to fit with your work.

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If you want to drill more hard and firm solid ground, you can choose big engine gas powered post hole digger but remember that it will require more than one person to operate. Gas powered post hole digger engine mainly two types which are two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Although two-stroke engines are affordable compared with the four-stroke driving force, it will create more noise.

Two-stroke post hole diggers are operated with gasoline and need to mix with oil. On the other hand, four-stroke engine post hole diggers no reason to mix oil and gas. It is also environment-friendly equipment.


List of Best Post Hole Digger for Your Work 

Now we are going to see at the best post hole diggers that you can buy. Whether you want to use muscle power with some techniques or spark up a gasoline powered model that is easy to use with the less time-consuming process or link up to a tractor PTO. We have to try to give our top recommendations in each post hole digger category.

It is always difficult for anyone to select the best things from the huge amount of product category. However, we have made a short list of 10 best post hole digger for your entire operations. That will help you to take a decision and sort out the best post hole digger with some unique features which is suitable for you. Let’s take a look at our best pick.

Comparison table

Review Of the Best Post Hole Digger – Top Brand Product

Here is the review of each best post hole digger that we selected for you. These reviews will help you to choice the best post hole digger that is best suited for you.

Fiskars 60 inch post hole digger

Fiskars are a familiar brand name in the best garden tools world. They have been manufacturing a broad range of the garden, kitchen and forestry tools like high-quality wood splitting maul. They have also made high-quality steel posthole digger for the current market. It is a top selling product in the current market and guaranteed to do the job perfectly.

Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole Digger
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The perfect balance between cost and high-quality product of Fiskars is evident here too. Fiskars steel posthole digger is ultra durable and totally powder-coated product. This property can help to protect against the high moisture content that can cause rust and corrosion. A spin around welded steel joint is present in this tool that gives it extra strength for the lifetime warranty.

Wood and flex like fiberglass are prone to brittle but welded steel construction is more durable. If you are a garden lover along with a garden, then you can choose this tool for planting potted plants or building a fence around your garden to protect it from any risk. This model must not disappoint you in the case of its performance.

The unique design of handle protects your knuckles from any injury while digging the hole. The handles are counterbalance which gives you perfect balance, and you can dig up to 12” deeper compared to currently marketed models.

Steel Posthole digger central part is the blade, and in this tool, it is constructed with welded 14 gauges steel, while the shafts made from 16 gauge steel. The dimension of the blade is  6.5 inches wide and 60-1/4 inches long.

Fiskars steel posthole digger blade is pre-sharpened for its best performance. The blades are directly weld to the main shaft that increased its strength in many folds.  You can cut the most compact and hardened soil like butter with this tool. You can buy it for its affordable price, lifetime warranty, easy to use and ultimately it will be best for your home garden use.


  • Offset handles design allow more benefit over traditional one because it can dig up to 4 feet correctly.
  • Perfect for extra wider holes preparation because its blade diameter is 6-1/2 inch
  • Long lasting and extra strong due to its 14-gauge steel blades welded directly to the  16-gauge steel shaft
  • Rust and Corrosion resistance for the powder-coated finish.
  • Virtually unbreakable due to its design and shape
  • High-class maintenance not required for cleaning
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Design is inappropriate for some user
  • The blades are close tighter that may impact on overall efficiency.


Q. Is it works well when digging in the dirt with rocks soil?

A. Different size of rocks is present in our ground. If you want to hit a large rock will require an excavator, but in smaller rock soil it is a perfect tool without any trouble. Even tree roots no problem as well. It is the best tool for various quality soil. I am highly recommended to you for this tool because I am so much satisfied with its quality as well as performance.

Q. I am looking for a post hole digger that is perfect for loosely flower bed in fall and spring. Is this best for me?

A. Of course, it is best for your work because you have got loosely packed flower bed soil and a hole likely 6 inches deep, 6 inches diameter.

If you are new to gardening, then this posthole digger is absolutely a perfect choice for a start, mainly because of the excellent experience that you are going to gain. As for those who are worried about the garden digging tool and have to buy a replacement regularly, such individual might consider this tool for long lasting and lifetime warranty.

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Seymour AU-S6 Lawn Auger with Hardwood Handle

Seymour has a reputation all over the world for their world class garden tool, Irrigation tool, Landscaping and also for sports field maintenance tools. Seymour has been reputation since 1872 because they are synonymous with quality, durability and reasonable value.

Seymour hardwood handle digger is a well established and reliable brand of gardening and agricultural tools. Naturally, I was intrigued when I heard it super performance, especially when I encountered the debate in the online post hole digger community which represented it as a step onward in post hole digger manufacturing.

Seymour Auger with Hardwood Handle,
Check Price

It is the best tool for beginner and also for professional because it is designed considering all user needs. However, I have some queries about this, is it helpful for all? Does it allow the better and easier handling? Is the quality as incredible as Seymour has represented to be? I wanted to find out, so I managed to get a hold one representative and put it through few test.

Some outstanding features that are why you should buy it

Extra Durable Quality Design: It is the satisfactory model is build in such a way that will be long lasting and extra durable. The hardwood handle connected with riveted steel blade and they are bond via tough, pliable iron.

Performance: I was amazed at its performance because it builds with the full steel shaft and welded steel T-handle staying strong even the most terrible conditions. I had managed to dig 30-foot hole within 10 minutes without any extra workload, and that is because I was going slowly and cautiously.

Adjust with any conditions: For any post hole digger, the properties of soil like the – amount of rock and hardness is considering for its best performance. Seymour is an incredible tool that works great and dug two-foot holes without any problem through the rocky and sandy ground. The big rock is a matter of consideration with this instrument, but small rock can easily jiggle out by rotating the auger back and forth.


  • Design for varieties of soil with the capacity to dig deep
  • Unique and robust design where steel blade riveted to tough, pliable iron yoke
  • Steel welded T-handle provides user-friendly experience
  • Save lot of money for general purpose
  • Made in the USA


  • The handle may not fit very nicely
  • It is not perfect for big rocky soil


Q: Is it possible to extend the auger?

A: Yes, it is possible if you buy a couple of lengths pipe connector on both sides.When you connect to the auger, it works well.

Q: What is the limit of roots diameter where it can penetrate?

A: It totally depends on the physical strength of tools, but it can cut small roots rather than big one. Most probably it can penetrate up to a 1/2 ” across or smaller. Overall it works so great for me when I used.

The Seymour 21306 AU-S6 Lawn Auger is the best manual post hole digger for general purpose. It is incredibly strong which is something you may expect from a post hole digger made from steel. From this strength, you will gain durability and to chance to acquire a tool for digging that provides excellent results and lasts for years.I think it is the best solution for your beautiful garden but if you are prone to blister in your hand may wear gloves during work.

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Southland One Man Auger with 43cc, 2 Cycle, Full Crankshaft Engine

Gardening or any other general purpose Southland one man auger with the engine is the best forever in the current market. You will enjoy your work with this tool, mainly due to the easier operational efficiency that manufacturers provide. If you want to maximize your digging experience, then this post hole digger will surely be your proper choice as its reliable engine adds to the best value to the digger.Whether you are a starter or professional, it will provide you quality service thanks to its smooth operational procedure.

Southland One Man Auger with Full Crankshaft Engine
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Notable Features:

Weight: Southland one man auger with the engine is a lightweight, powerful tool that can be operated more efficiently. Its weight is around 40 pounds which are perfect for best performance.

Engine Power: For quick and efficient drilling, engine power is number one consideration with weight. Its engine is 43cc capacity, two stroke tool where the bit speed is up to 316 rpm (revolution per minute). The drill bit length is 8 inch that attached with an auger. It can dig through hard and dry clay soil simultaneously. If you want to replace head or drill bit, you can do it more easily because the manufacturer will provide you with a manual for easy assembly or operation.

Easy to operation: As its performance is related with fuel, so a perfect size translucent fuel tank outfitted with an auger. This fuel tank easily keeps your eyes on fuel levels while the ergonomic design butterfly handles allow perfect balance with comfortable use.From my practical experience, I can say, it will simplify your outdoor activities by reducing workload. For post hole digging it is the perfect tool for fence posts, plants, and digs through even the toughest soil.

Southland SEA438 One Man Auger
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Warranty: It mainly consists of three parts of equipment such as-  the auger it comes with two open end wrenches, a spark plug tool and a small bottle of premix oil. This tool safety is ensured by two regulatory authority such as-  The auger is CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant, and EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) approved. Without any question, you can back within two-year warranty.


  • Butterfly handles design provides the perfect balance and convenience storage.
  • Lightweight and easy to use for one man
  • Powerful 43cc engine facilitate the faster drilling with 316 rpm
  • Translucent fuel tank for accurate fuel delivery
  • E.P.A. and CARB certified.
  • Two-year warranty.


  • Only one auger drill bit supplied
  • Expensive tool
  • Less powerful compared with XtremePower that engine is 55cc.


Q: How much time is required for its assembly?

A: Assembly will not take more than 10 minutes because you will receive a manual with this tool.

Q: In one hour how many holes can create with this tool?

A: Its performance is so great that can make holes in a very efficient and effective manner. You can easily make dozens of holes in a couple of hours. It requires only short start-up time, and once you get it running and touch on the ground, it will be like the holes makes spontaneously and makes sure everything goes right and as planned.

The product is specially made for those who have required the performance and efficiency of the post hole digger. The benefits which you can experience are a definite manifestation of the product’s quality, which is an accurate indicator why you should buy it and finally enjoy your outdoor work.

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Xtremepower US V-Type 55CC 2 Stroke Gas Post Hole Digger (Digger + 8″Bit)

The great tool in the post hole digger category is XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CC 2 Stroke Gas Post Hole Digger. It has proven experiences for its easy to use and a great buy for you because of its price tag and rang. As a global leader of post hole digger in the market, we will help you in driving your enthusiasm for outdoor work. XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CC 2 Stroke Gas Post Hole Digger as one of the best machine that will give you perfect experience without any difficulties.

Xtremepower 2 Stroke Gas Post Hole Digger
Check Price
  • Now I want to share my experience with this tool. My first experience was so great when I received it from the market. After receipt of this tool I was going to a trial in my garden and my first sessions, I was capable of digging dozen of holes. My garden ground made of moderately hard dirt soil that had more or less few rocks. I    was amazed because it works great beyond my perception and more than about its description.
  • Its set-up and assembly are so easy to compare with another tool, within the very short time you can set it efficiently with correct manner. Not only this post hole digger engine is turned on a timely but also do its job with perfect quality. I am euphoric and so much pleasant surprise about its performance.
  • If you want to buy a perfect tool for your excellent addition, then it is undoubtedly great tool because of its power, effect, performance, and impact on the ground so great. This post hole digger requires a very short amount of time with a little effort from your end to make holes. It will success your goals, projects and any plans in much easier and quicker way that involve with digging.
  • The XtremepowerUS V-Type 55cc 2 Stroke Gas Post Hole Digger is the best tool for its perfect design and convenient use. When I apply it on my garden ground, I have confidence that it will work in any way and everything goes right. If you are setting up correctly, then it will remove all large rocks, tree roots, and other significant obstacles.
  • You can dig more than dozens of the hole without any extra workload with this post hole device. The XtremepowerUS V-Type 55cc 2 Stroke, Gas Post Hole Digger not only save your valuable time but also give relaxed to you from expending a lot of physical and mental effort in creating holes that areas you have chosen.
  • Overall, the XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CC 2 Stroke Gas Post Hole Digger is one of the top post hole diggers for a reason. If you are serious about any outdoor work and love gardening, it will be the best choice for you. Even if you are a newbie for outdoor work, it will give you tremendous experience with the best tool.


  • One man is enough to operate it.
  • Two stroke engine is air cooled
  • Perfect amount of power supply around 1090 W considering its weight.
  • Many types of holes can create through the regular soil, clay, sand, even small roots,      and rocks.
  • 4”, 8” and 10” bits can be adjustable with this machine.
  • This tool is compatible with ice cutting bits.
  • Short time required to make dozens of holes


  • Two stroke engine needs mix-up of oil and gas before use.
  • Frequent gearbox greasing needs from arrival to its lifetime.
  • For storage should maintain some precaution.

Bottom Line

In my opinion, the V-Type 55CC 2 Stroke Gas Posthole Digger One Man Auger (Digger + 4″ 8″ 10″Bits) is best for anyone who wants to perform with the easily operated and powerful machine. The ultimate decision is entirely up to you whether it is best suited for you. You can also choose the Southland one man auger with a 43cc engine that can perform excellently without rock soil ground.  Best wishes for your outdoor work.

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Dirty Hand Tools 100623, Model 90 3-point Post Hole Digger

The Dirty Hand Tools is 0 category compact tractors that allow you to fast post hole digging with safe and convenient of use from the tractor seat. It has a heavy duty gearbox and driveline that can connect to 6 splines PTO safely.

If you want to dig huge amount of holes within very short time with less effort from your tractor seat, you should buy it. To fulfill your demand, it has a gearbox and high strength 2-7/8″ O.D tubing construction that is perfect for large and deep holes in tough soil conditions. To prevent engine and gear box overload during auger and hit hard rock exposure a shear bolt protection is inbuilt. To consider your requirements, with this machine auger drills are sold separately, and it ranges from 6, 9,12,18 and 24 inches.

Dirty Hand Tools
Check Price

It is a great tool for me, and I am very impressed with its price, specification and shape design with performance. I received it from the market with solid wood crate packaging and each accessory part wrapped with rubber material with large zip ties. It is better than a backhoe or manual post hole diggers. It is my first experience with this 3 point hitch tool, so I think it is best to compare with price and quality service.

To satisfy the user, the manufacturer provides extensive warranty coverage where they declare 3-year warranty for the gear box, boom, auger, and A-frame. 1- year warranty on the driveline.


  • Best construction ever with heavy duty gear box that provides fast post hole digging
  • Standard 6 Spline PTO fit with solid driveline
  • Replaceable spiral point
  • Safety shields are present on gear box U-joint, gearbox output shaft, and driveline
  • 3-year warranty on gearbox, boom, auger and A-frame
  • 1-year warranty on drive line


  • Without safety equipment, some risk may present
  • For small post creation, it may take time-consuming

Bottom Line

This Dirty Hand Tools Model 90 3-point Post Hole Digger is especially for the outdoor work lover who has a keen eye on the performance and efficiency of the post hole digger.  I highly recommend it for you because it is a solid build with great warranty backup.

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Points should Consider Before Buying an exclusive post hole digger

When you want to purchase a product you should need some analysis about the characteristics of the product. In this review, I will try to identify the various factors that you will have to take into consideration when shopping for a post hole digger, such as:

Handle: For best performance, the post hole digger handle should be robust and comfortable to hold. You must also ensure that the blades are securely and accurately position with handle.

Blade size: The essential part of the post hole digger is blade that should be the different size to facilitate the work properly. The blade must make with high-grade steel that will be rust free and durable.

Weight: The last but not least factor for your consideration is product weight. Lightweight tool is always user-friendly so choose an affordable weight product that you can carry everywhere or in your garden quickly.

Price: The price of the product totally depend on the quality and brand. If you are more serious about quality and performance, then you can spend money from $20 to $200 on a post hole digger.

Material: Material of construction is another most important consideration for post hole digger because it gives the quality as well as the performance. Steel is more durable than the iron or any metal product. Though steel is more expensive than wood, it will give you long time quality service.

The diameter of the drill bit: Different size of gas powered augers found in the market. The diameter size range from 2 inches to 10 inches. Your choice totally depends on the diameter of poles you can place into the hole that you make.

Depth capacity: For a gas post hole digger to consider the most important factor is depth capacity. If you are want to dig a deeper hole, then more powerful motor and drill bit will require (it is also bear in mind that drill bits are interchangeable part on the most machine).

You should always buy a standard bit in case of gas power digger, and it will be up to you for purchasing additional bits in line with your requirements. A gas post hole digger runs to a depth of 76 cm/30 inches or less.

Overall size: Generally, the overall size and height should be significant things when you buy a gas post hole digger. If you buy a small shaft product, but you are a tall person, then it will be tough for you to operate it. The average size of gas post hole digger is around 60 cm (2 feet), and this is the standard size for your outdoor work.

Warranty: Everyone would want to get a long warranty with any product that will give the confidence to use this. Post hole digger makers are committed to their customer to provide the lifetime warranty of the product.

Importance of Post Hole Digger In Our Life

When we live in a community, the first thing is privacy and protection. For maintaining it, beautiful and secure fences are essential. Even if you are a garden lover and want to plant trees, then a post hole digger is an important instrument for you. This post hole digger will install your fences that make your work easier. Post hole digger is an essential piece of equipment to serve this purpose. Although different types of post hole diggers are available in the market, you should choose best one to install a fence or trees.

For gardening, it is the best tool for creating the desired hole to put the post. Post hole digger has so many benefits other than the shovel. Among of them some of which you may know and some of which may not.

With a best post hole digger, you can save your money on man power. Traditionally we use a shovel for digging a hole, but it can leave bigger holes and requires more work. In that case, if you use a post hole digger it will be more practical and beneficial.You do not have to be a professional to use it.It is more user-friendly compared to other tools, and even children can use them so comfortably.

If you are worried about your garden soil properties that it might be a little rough or there are any small rocks or tree roots around don’t worry. Fully automated and high power pull motorized post hole diggers are available on the current market that can go over tough ground entirely. This tool can pick or remove any type rock or tree roots that are not a problem.

Latest Post Hole Digger  Brands in Market

Now we are going to present some best brands of post hole digger in the current marketplace that will serve you best. As per your demand and requirements will choose the best one.


Seymour is a leading manufacturer of gardening tools since 1872. They have mainly founded as an agricultural tool (e.g., grain cradles, wagon wheels, scythes, and snaths) manufacturer in Indiana, USA. Nowadays they also specialize in manual post hole diggers and company sell over 3500 tools all over the world.


Fiskars is a leading manufacturer in the world for different types of tools like garden and forestry tools. They start their journey since 1649. It is a Finish company, and they provide the excellent design tools for passionate people that work in a more enjoyable way.


This is also another USA based company.Thay always provide the premier quality and innovative line product and accessories for their customer in worldwide.


This is a Mexican company that has more than 50 years experience and leadership in the hardware industry. They have a broad range of product including garden tools as well as power tools. It creates value for their passionate customer.

Xtremepower US:

This is a well-recognised company in the world for the patio and garden tools.They have different category of products and also produces home and kitchen appliances.


Hiltex is an Israel-based company, they especially manufacture equipment like a semiconductor. This company has more than 35 years experience in engineering activities. In the garden and forestry tool category, they also produce traditional and gas powered post hole diggers.

Some precaution for gas post hole digger during operation:

  • During auger operation always maintain a firm grip on the both hands.For drill bit should keep the distance from your body, at least below waist level.
  • Safety first so always be alert and careful about what you are doing
  •  The product’s fuel tank and gasoline container always handle out of the vehicle or truck bed. Fuel vapor might cause interaction with electrical static discharge that can cause serious injury or death.
  • It is only for earth digging so do not use it for any other purpose.
  • When you are ready to remove fuel cap be sure that you are stopped the engine and allowed to cool. Fuel cap removes very cautiously.
  • For any anomalies immediately contact the technical service department.
  • Your balance and proper footwork are essential for best performance so do not overreach.
  • Always maintain safe zone for your body from cutting area of the machine.
  • Any defect in the blade can cause serious injury so always discard bit blade that is bent, warped, broken or damaged in any way.
  • Do not over force the earth auger because it will do the job better for which it was designed.
  • Earth auger storage requires some extra precaution so that it can long lasting for best performance. Here some advice for your earth auger storage when it is not in use for 30 days or more-
  • Through cleaning and inspection is required
  • All external metal surface should be lubricated with light oil
  • The cylinder is the critical part of this machine so place a few drops of 2-cycle engine oil to protect it and remove the spark plug.
  • For efficient distribution of oil pull the recoil starter several times and remove the spark plug.
  • During its performance air filter play a vital role so inspect and clean it as required.

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