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Best Log Splitter Reviews

Best Log Splitter Reviews

You may ask why to buy a log splitter when you can simply use the good, old ax for the same job. You’re right, you can. However, cutting piles of logs manually can get tiring after a certain age. Even the most rugged lumberjack cannot work like a beast his whole life. An electric or gas log splitter makes your life easier by chopping the wood with minimal muscle power. It is a must-have for professional woodworkers. It precisely splits big piles of logs in minutes. Looking for the best log splitter and not sure how to go about with the selection process? Let me help you.

Reviews of the Best Log Splitters Of 2017

Dirty Hand Tools 22 Ton Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter

This is a heavy-duty gas log splitter, providing 22 tons of splitting force, ideally suited for bulk log splitting, farming, felling etc. The main USP of this machine is that it can handle almost every type of wood. If you need to split hardwood on a large scale for commercial purpose, this could be the perfect choice for you.

Dirty Hand Tools
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Product Highlights:

It houses a mighty 196 CC Kohler engine, creating enough torque and force to split knotty woods like ebony, maple, Brazilian walnut and so on. There’s a pin which you need to pull to seamlessly adjust the difficult rounds in the vertical position.

It’s 10.9 second cycle time is another key feature. It roughly amounts to 5-6 logs per minute. As per my experience with the splitter, to use its potential to the fullest, don’t use pieces longer than 25”. For the ease of portability, the unit is towable and comes with wheels as well. Since it is gas-powered equipment, it is bound to produce some carbon monoxide. Therefore, make sure to use it outdoors only.


  • 22-ton splitting capacity and a powerful 196 CC motor.
  • Can handle hardwood, logs up to 25” inch length easily.
  • 10.9 seconds cycle time.
  • Allows for both horizontal and vertical splitting.
  • Towable and comes with wheels for hassle-free relocation.
  • 2-stage 13-GPM pump.


  • Expensive.


If you need a gas log splitter for industrial-grade projects, this could be your go-to option. Loaded with tons of add-on features like auto return, removable stripper plates, and adjustable retent- the Dirty Hand Tools 100171would take care of any type of wood you throw at it like a boss.

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Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Electric log splitters are the fastest of log splitters and Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter is no exception. Ideally suited for DIY enthusiasts for landscaping, log splitting for firewood, this 2-ton splitter can be operated single-handedly. The machine starts at just a push of a button and the inbuilt automatic ram reduces the splitting time to a great extent.

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter,
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Product Highlights:

Operating the Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter is a breeze for homeowners, especially for preparing stocking firewood during winter. The USP of the product has to be the automatic ram. It significantly cuts down the splitting time. While testing the product, I found it to finish a round almost 2 times faster than many of its direct competitors.

It uses a 2 HP motor and a hydraulic pressure of 3500 for maximum efficiency. I will be honest, I wasn’t fully sure about how well it will perform on the hardwood before using it. But it turned out to exceed my expectations. The machine gets ready for the action in seconds, you just have to plug it and push the power button. It’s lightweight, so people with back or arm pain can also conveniently use it.


  • Single-handed operation.
  • Portable.
  • Automatic ram return for optimal efficiency
  • It uses a hydraulic pressure of 3500 to help you split the hardest, knottiest types of wood.
  • Single handed operation. Highly suitable for individuals with some form of physical restriction.


  • The splitting bed cannot fit long chords.


Overall, the Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter is the ultimate homeowner’s log splitter. Although it does split 20” logs, for faster action, you should use logs measuring up to 10-12 inches. It might take a bit longer if there are lots of knots on the wood. You can use a foot pedal to maneuver the control valve.

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WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

WEN is an iconic brand, known for manufacturing top-of-the log splitters since 1951. If you want a powerful long splitter for chords 20” inch length and 10” in diameter, you’ve got a keeper. It sources its immense power from a 2 HP 15 amp motor. With 12,000 lbs. splitting force, it can transform a large volume of logs into a fine stock of firewood in just a couple of minutes.

WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter
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Product Highlights:

Made from pure hard steel, the WEN 56206 handles hard and even wet logs like a pro. We all know that wet logs are otherwise the toughest to work with. It also means the wedge isn’t easily susceptible to corrosion and will last you for years to come.

Low ambient temperature affects the durability and fuel efficiency in log splitters. But the product under questions stands out here as well. The heavy gauge steel combined with a solid 2 HP copper-wound motor operates silently, doesn’t blow up fumes, therefore, you can use it indoors as well without a problem.

The log splitter is designed for dual handed operation which adds to the user safety. The ram will automatically adjust to its starting position as soon as you take off one hand from the splitter. This way, the chances of getting yourself accidentally injured reduces drastically.


  • Made from pure, heavy-gauge steel for ultimate durability and splitting efficiency.
  • The 2 HP copper wound motor uses standard household current.
  • Easily Portable.
  • Noise-free operation.
  • Suitable for using indoors and during cold weather.
  • The motor speed of 3400 RPM cuts rounds of 20” within the fastest possible time.


  • The 6-ton splitting power isn’t high enough for large stocks.


If we could just get past this minor drawback, the WEN 56206 is almost flawless in its performance. It is safe to operate as you will need both hands to use it. Taking care of old 20” logs is a piece of cake for this beauty. The biggest advantage of this machine is that you can prepare the firewood right inside your basement during the coldest months of the year.

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Champion Power Equipment 90720 7 Ton Compact Portable Log Splitter

This 7-ton portable log splitter from the leading manufacturer Champion power equipment is a beauty with the capacity of a beast. It comes with a log cradle to help you keep the workspace uncluttered and keep track of the rounds. Its incredible 180 cycle per hour capacity makes it a highly bankable product for individuals intending to do bulk splitting every day.

Champion Power Equipment
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Product Highlights:

The equipment is easy to carry from one place to another, thanks to its never-flat tires and a no-frills, ergonomically sound design. It cranks up 7 tons of splitting force which neatly splits multiple rounds of 20 inch in just an hour.

Its powerhouse is an 80 cc motor engine which doesn’t overheat even after extended hours of operation. If you wish to tow it to a car, it is possible by changing the wheels. Another feature that adds to the splitting precision of this tool is its skewed wedge. It is fiercely sharp and retains the edge well even after multiple sessions.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Auto-return control valve for convenient operation.
  • 20 second cycle time.
  • Never-flat tires for easy transportation.
  • Skewed wedge for optimal splitting efficiency.


  • The 7-ton splitting force isn’t ideal for industrial-level projects.


This is one of the fastest portable splitting logs I have had the chance to use so far. Although it’s rated for 19.3-inch logs, I wanted to experiment whether it works on 21” inch logs. Glad to say it did not disappoint me. It is a decent tool for both DIY homeowners and professional woodworker. The unit handled 6 chords of hardwood better than I imagined. Consider giving this product a look if you’re not constrained by budget.

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Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

The last product in my list is an absolute beast. It can handle 24” logs with ease and I can chop 100+ logs in just an hour. For a supremely powerful machine like this, it is surprisingly lightweight and portable. The 3500 RPM motor combined with 7 tons of ram splitting force will neatly split a long piece of log in just 6 seconds.

Powerhouse XM-380
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Product Highlights:

To ensure maximum safety of operation, it employs an automatic blade retraction system. Whenever you take one hand off the splitter, the blade automatically retracts to its starting position. The 3 HP 3500 RPM motor works on domestic current and splits piles of large diameter logs in a few minutes, saving you hours of labor.

Since this hydraulic system runs on electricity, you don’t have constantly keep tabs on the gas level.  Its low profile design makes it easier for you to work for hours without straining your back and arms. On the downside, the cord of the splitter is a bit short and restricts the movement at times. Moving on to the positives, apart from the auto retractable blades, for further safety, it integrates an overload protection as well.


  • 3 HP motor producing 3500 rotations per minute for ultimate power and precision.
  • Highly portable.
  • Automatic blade retraction when operated single-handedly and overload protection.
  • Easily handles 22-24” inch logs.
  • Affordable


  • The user manual needs improvement.
  • Not suitable for bulk splitting.


To sum it up, the Powerhouse XM-380 is a near perfect log splitter with just a few minor glitches. It operates on standard household current and doesn’t emit gas. Therefore, you can use it indoors as well if need be. The size of logs this seemingly low-profile machine can handle deserves a thumbs up.

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Benefits of Using a Log Splitter

Health Benefits– By saying goodbye to ax, you will save yourself hours of straining, severe backache and joint pain. For most people, splitting woods with an ax extensively can be very tiring.

Split in Speed: One of the most valid reasons to buy a log splitter is the speed it provides. You don’t have to break a bone to transform chunks of logs into firewood in just a couple of minutes. If you want to save maximum time and effort, choose an electric or gas-powered splitter over a manual one.

Other Benefits– Apart from the basic advantages of using a log splitter, here are some more-

  • It makes the meticulous task of cutting firewood easier. As with an ax, you have to cut the wood until you get the perfect size. That’s not the case with a log splitter. You just have to load the volume and the machine takes care of the rest.
  • It is portable. A manual log splitter can be used indoors as well.
  • Hassle-free maintenance.

What to Look for in a Log Splitter?

Splitter Size and Hardness Rating

These are the fundamental criterion to assess the quality of a log splitter. The thicker and larger the logs would be, the more tonnage you’ll need. For chopping down oak, pine, maple, consider buying a 30-ton splitter.

A hardness rating between 380-690 lbs. is suitable for softer woods, whereas, you have to opt for a machine rated for 2000-4000 lbs. or higher for hard woods. The drill is to learn about different types of wood, their characteristics to find the best log splitter.

Long Cycle Time

Also, make sure the splitter you’re pinning on provides a cycle time long enough to precisely split the kind of logs you usually work with. Cycle time is basically the amount of time the machine takes to split one round.

Types of Log Splitter

Manual, gas, electric and hydraulic are the basic types of log splitters available in the market. Each variant has its share of pros and cons. Manual log splitters are the most basic variant. These are mainly used for low-key wood splitting for firewood purpose. If you will be mainly working with soft woods, manual splitters would be the best choice.

An electric splitter is a way more powerful device than its manual counterpart. Its strongest features are its speed and ease of use. All you need is a power outlet and electricity to activate the machine. However, if you need massive power for your tasks, I’d recommend you to opt for either a gas or hydraulic log splitter. Granted, these are heavy and quite expensive, but these are capable of handling large volumes of hardwood. This is the reason why their uses are mainly limited to seasoned woodworkers and lumberjacks.

Other Factors

Apart from the above-mentioned specifications, you should also pay close attention to details like motor size, fluid capacity if it’s a hydraulic log splitter, whether the built-in log cradle is available and warranty period. A log splitters is an important investment, therefore, you should stick to a reputed brand. Just in case anything goes wrong with the product, a well-known brand will extend their assistance immediately to resolve the issue.

How to Split the Log?

Splitting the logs with electric or hydraulic splitters require least effort.  To get started with the task, first, you have to set up the machine. Make sure to place the equipment on a flat ground. Use one side for loading the logs and the other side for unloading the finished material. This is a useful hack for keeping things organized.

For manual log splitters, load the log, lock it to its position tightly using the jack and start splitting. For gas powered and electric log splitter, you have to set the wood pieces on the wedge. The wedge needs to be positioned at the correct angle. Then activate the splitter by pressing the power button. The gas (or hydraulics in case of hydraulic splitters) will slowly build up the pressure, consequently forcing the wedge against the log.

Safety Information about Log Splitters

You don’t need to be pro woodworker to be able to use a log splitter. But before you started with the chop chop, make sure you to take proper safety precautions. Use gloves, protective eye gears to prevent nasty injuries. Although log splitters are a way safer alternative to ax, the chances of wood chips spluttering cannot be negated. You must wear goggles to protect your eyes from getting hurt. Also, keep your feet safe by wearing boots every time you split logs.

Don’t try to overdo the work. If you feel tired by splitting logs at some point, take a break and then resume. Remember that you’re dealing with a heavy and potentially dangerous machinery here. Lastly, if your log splitter allows for height adjustment, set it at a height from which you don’t have to bend too low to lift the rounds. This will make your job not only easier but will also reduce fatigue.

Common Complaints

The capacity of a log splitter mainly depends on two factors- the size of the log it can split and the amount of pressure it yields. A very common complaint about manual log splitters is that they don’t split hard, large pieces logs properly.

Then there’s oil leak issue. If you’re using a hydraulic splitter, the fluid-carrying hose might get damaged by the course of time. Without the necessary amount of fluid, the machine won’t simply build enough pressure to split logs.

The fuel filter needs to be replaced in every 4-5 years. Failing to do so will cause engine overheating issue and it will be subjected to overheating. Another bummer could be a blunt wedge. The wedge keeps losing its edge with every splitting session. Make it a point to sharpen each time before you use it.

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